Entry #8

January 16th 2011

2011-01-16 19:01:14 by Leedove

---What's New---

You scared? Well don't be, because this is the real Leedove; alive and in the flesh. It's been little over a year!? Wow... lot's happened, and for some of the rest of us, not so much. Well first thing is first... I would like to take a moment of silence for my Grandfather; who past away May 15th 2010. My family seems to be recovering quickly and don't seem to be bothered much by it any more, although there is those moments that pop up when we all miss him. So let's get further into the and further into the year then May. I've aged a year and have finally reached high school! Yeah... well at least it would be if not for all the work that piles on me if it isn't taken care of. So I've learned not to procrastinate and do my work straight away. So as the year progressed I had a easier time getting the hang of high school. Cross Country was a blast, although unlike last year when I won a bunch of ribbons, sadly I had none to show. Although the experience was great and I will be doing Cross Country the following three years of school. Now I'm in Track and it is going well for only one week of it. Although if I do say myself, not pointing fingers; but some of my team members like to talk a bit to much and get off task. December was a busy month for all of us here at the house; my Grandmother moved out (sorta) and went to live with my Aunt and my Three Second Cousin; who some know as I've mentioned about them to a few who were interested. So a following Saturday my sister and I moved into the master bedroom, and my Grandmother has now the small bedroom for when she comes to visit on weekdays and weekends. My Mom and Dad still live in the small bedroom across the hall, but are a bit more satisfied with the electric circuits usages. Meaning, there isn't a whole bunch of plugs plugged into one circuit. I've also recently been hooked on the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series. And who can forget the epic movie releases: Tangled, which was both sad and adventuresome; Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 1, which was awesome and not quite what I'd hoped from the book but awesome with the books plot; and The Owls of Ghoul, and heartbreaking and cliffhanging ending. What about Twilight you ask... we'll not my cup of tea, I don't prefer vampires besides Kaname in Vampire Knight. But that's off subject. What is the next subject is my sister; who some know as gigi6676 from DeviantArt or Newgrounds. She has sadly asked of me to tell everyone who reads to let you know she will NOT be coming back, and has abandoned Newgrounds. Although she says she's happy to talk on DeviantArt. There is so much more to say; and so little space. I've mist a lot in a year and I hope for some more information on Newgrounds and my friends. Or hey if you care to share, don't be shy still could add to my friend's list, and from my friend's they think I'm friendly at least. Looking for a friend always, so come on in! Let me sum everything in one loud sentence: I'M GLAD TO BE BACK, AND GLAD TO BE WELCOMED BACK AFTER A YEAR OF DARKNESS!

I'm stumped. And I would love some help! You see, a bit jazz and spunk would be perfect, but I need some creative flow first. If you have a suggestion on what to add as a section to my post, please don't be afraid to suggest. I could always use new ideas, and fresh creativity. I may even put more than just one, so what do you think I could add?

I'm stumped. And I would love some help! You see, a bit jazz and spunk would be perfect, but I need some creative flow first. If you have a suggestion on what to add as a section to my post, please don't be afraid to suggest. I could always use new ideas, and fresh creativity. I may even put more than just one, so what do you think I could add?

What movie series do you prefer to show during a sleep over or birthday party?
1) Twilight
2) Harry Potter - 100%
3) Transformers
4) Yu-Gi-Oh
5) Kappa Mikey
6) Star Wars
7) Pokemon
8) The Legend of Zelda
9) Jurassic Park
10) Jeff Dunham

Results to be posted will be: January 22nd 2011
---My Book---

Well, Darkness of the Owls was a failed story written by a 7th grader version of me. after a few more years of writing experience a dream popped into my head. A story most likely. Now I've made a promising vow that I will finish this serial story! I will not give any information away, till of course the book is edited and published. As the story is in first draft and needs a lot of work. The 5th chapter has been completed, let me tell you that; and twenty three chapters need to be done. Mark my words on a piece of no-fade parchment; THIS WILL BE MY FIRST BOOK, AND IT WILL BE A WORLD ENJOYED BOOK!

I'm stumped. And I would love some help! You see, a bit jazz and spunk would be perfect, but I need some creative flow first. If you have a suggestion on what to add as a section to my post, please don't be afraid to suggest. I could always use new ideas, and fresh creativity. I may even put more than just one, so what do you think I could add?
---Worldwide Sites---
ZeldaUniverse/The Power of Three
Facebook/Sarah Juliano
---Friend List---
Emolink99: 1/23
gigi6676: 12/9
linknzelda3: 6/29
planetsam801: 8/1
xellon2: 10/28
---Movies of the Week---
Dot Dot Dot - Animated
Pokemon But With Animals
---Games of the Week---
No Time To Explain
Age Of Defense 3: Preview
Vector Rush
---Music of the Week---
SH - Come To Far
Perfect Dystopia
Into The Eclipse

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January 16th 2011


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2011-01-16 19:06:06

Very nice indeed.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4CWFR 8NDDA

Leedove responds:

Thank you. That was a awesome Youtube video. Yeah I love to watch those, they send me and my sister into a laughing fit. :)


2011-01-16 20:54:23

im kinda iffy on getting skyward sword, ill prob rent it first

Leedove responds:

That's what a lot of people at my high school said they're going to do. It's probably a good idea, but I'm going to buy it. What if I like the game and what the real version, just a lot of time wasted for me. Eh heh. But then again that's just me. Your idea's probably the best, the censor is a bit ify though. What makes you want to rent it first?


2011-01-16 20:55:02

and spicking of youtube videos

http://www.youtube.com/user/ganon95pu lze?feature=mhum#p/a/u/2/VyzZGi68dLM


(Updated ) Leedove responds:

Yeah, that's really epic! Where do you get your talent I must ask. The intro is jazzy yet popping. It's really awesome!


2011-01-16 21:10:32

i originally just wanted to test out the instrument used for the bass then it just kinda took off and became a summer-based song :P

Leedove responds:

Nice... yeah. It sounds so mellow, but really cool and poppy. That's why I like your genre of music that you make. I don't know what it's called. Make a name for it.


2011-01-16 21:13:27

Hai. Its cool youre writing a book, too. You say youre on chapter 5? Im on chapter 4, but I think my chapters are really... short. Only like 4-5 pages per. Well, anywayz, good luck on writing yours and getting it published! I doubt I could do it myself, but its something to think about.

Skyward Sword looks fun, too. :D

Leedove responds:

Thanks. No chapter 6, I finished chapter 5. Yeah, mine too... but I plan on making them longer in my second draft. You too! Yeah, short pages are alright, Tale of Two Cities is like that. You could do it, if you don't doubt yourself and really want to. Heh heh, yeah can't wait for it to come out this year.


2011-01-17 04:18:20

Its been so long. I'm glad that one of my old friends is still here. ^_^o

Leedove responds:

Thanks, it's been a long time. So glad I'm back with some friends.


2011-01-17 12:23:33

glad 2 see you back friend :D

Leedove responds:

Glad to hear from you again! ;)


2011-01-17 13:44:42

Yep. :D

(Updated ) Leedove responds:

So how have you been?


2011-01-17 13:48:55

Oh, also, check this out. I finally made a video and Im excited. Its really nothing special, but I like it. Its a Minecraft video of my house! :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdZE81 l80is

Leedove responds:

That's a very interesting game so far. What do you plan on working on next for it?


2011-01-17 23:32:08

Im doing well, its just been extremely boring around here.

Well, right now Im working on a greenhouse, which is nearly done. I need to add a glass roof, and complete. Ive made some changes to my house, as well, but I dont know If Ill be able to make another video cause my parents get pissed at technology,, so whenever the computer runs slowly they like to blame it on me. They made me uninstall HyperCam, so if I make another one, Ill have to do it quickly and quietly.

Leedove responds:

Hey, really?

Sweet! Greenhouse are good for the environment. LOL Wow! Why... you know what I rather not ask. Oh I see, well... do it while they're out of the house then. Yeah... that would be a good idea... maybe try doing it in the middle of the night. :P


2011-01-19 21:59:55

Good idea. :D
Ill try to download Fraps again(despite the 30 second videos) and add annotations n stuff so it can be viewed nicely. :D

Well, howve things been for you?

Leedove responds:

Nice! That would be really cool. Pretty good. Not much going on lately. Still haven't cleaned all my sites, so busy to.

Just questioning: Do you have any ideas for one of the three sections in my posts, I'm kinda lagging a bit. lol


2011-01-20 23:48:38

Busy = Never fun. Sorry to hear it. D:

Well, maybe you could post something video-game-ish, if youre still into them. Or maybe you could make one that goes into detail about how awesome I am. :3


2011-01-20 23:49:12

Oh, and yes, Flight is a fun game. :D


2011-01-22 22:16:57

My god, how long has it been? I missed you T_T Hope you don't get away again, makes me sad each time you go :(

Well, i'l know to enjoy it this time xD So how have you been? Im adding you to Facebook, Lucio Spagnoletti, check the photos if you want to see my face, but i look kinda weird >_<


2011-01-22 22:17:52

Oh, by that i mean my face itself, not a weird pose i did :P


2011-02-23 12:16:48

No problem keeping my faith. :P


2011-02-27 13:33:08

Not dead yet, but close. :P


2011-04-03 17:21:26

She is in Facebook now, not coming here anymore. Go here if you want to be her friend:

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?i d=100000541796577


2011-04-07 13:36:26

Damn. You're probably gone again. T^T


2015-04-26 09:38:32